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Family rootes

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Re: ancestry research

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Hello Harry Pick,

I'm at a very early stage of research and have extremely limited time as working in very demanding job + have children but I'm trying to squeeze some research time on occasion!

I think perhaps there might be a family connection in existence. My paternal line Weiss (only know to us as Marmaduke Horatio who changed his surname to Smith but openly admitted to his descendents he was really called Weiss) came from Vienna. We don't know when exactly as census records record him as being born in Hull, England in 1830. I assume the age is fairly much correct and he came over with his 3 sisters (don't know their ages or names exactly beyond Mitzi and Ga-Ga were two of them) as a 'young man'. Marmaduke Horatio somehow made his way down to Croydon in London and did fairly well for himself. The family were in clockmaking, antique dealing etc. - Marmaduke died around 1927 - still can't find a death certificate. His adopted son Robert (Mamaduke and his wife Melisant or alternative Millicent depending on which census reports one reads) was the son of one of his sisters according to family tradition. We know that Robert lived until he was probably about 8 or 9 in Lyon and then came over. Robert's family name was Dumont or Dumond and census records claim he was born in New York around 1866.
Family tradition also records a connection with Pick/Peck/Peek or Pecque - nobody is quite sure how it is spelt or pronounced who were last heard of based around Paris.......

Any advances on this please?? Happy to swap what other (very limited) information I have.

Best wishes

Margaret Greenfields

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