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Petsch surname, Stegersbach, Rutenschlag

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Petsch surname, Stegersbach, Rutenschlag

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This could be a convoluted tale/intro so I'll be brief in my first posting to your great site I've only just discovered. I'm looking for info on the family of a woman named Therese who was married to one Alois Rothen originally from Szentelek (Stegersbach). Husband and wife emigrated from Szentelek in 1905 first to New London, CT and eventually settled in Butler, PA. I don't know the proper spelling of her maiden name but believe it to be some variation of the anglicized surname Petch (Petsch?, Poetsch? Potsch w/umlaut? Several of these variations appear in the immigration record). She would be an ancestor of mine. There's more I'd like to know but I'll start by humbly welcoming the confirmation and/or proper spelling of her maiden name. I believe her family may have been originally from Rutenschlag, Austria...but I've had no luck tracking down that town by that name, yet. Alois and Therese listed their ages in the immigration record as 32 and 33 so Alois would've been born ca. 1873 and Therese ca. 1872. I assume Alois was born in Szentelek. Therese? No idea, yet.

Any leads or info would be greatly appreciated. I saw the surname Rothen (as well as Sauerzopf, but that's another story) on the lists and thought maybe someone has researched Alois as part of the Rothen family tree and possibly has a scrap of info or two about his wife, Therese, who is the current object of my interest.

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