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Historical Burgenland Novel - Readers/Consultants Sought

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Re: Historical Burgenland Novel - Readers/Consultants Sought

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In the Siebengemeinden, the Seven VIllages where Jews could live under letters of protection from the House of Esterhazy, there were well-defined Jewish areas, documented both in maps and narratives. In Frauenkirchen one street, Judengasse, still marks what was the original boundary. Research by Benjamin Schwab (thesis at TUW) has digitally reconstructed the 19th century synagogue in Frauenkirchen and established its location. There is now a memorial garden at that site, since the synagogue was destroyed after the Anschluss, as were so many in Austria.

Please understand, I am not doing genealogy. I was, at the time of my OP, completing a novel based on some years of historical background research. The novel, DISTANT SONS, was published at the end of 2018.

--Larry Constantine (pen name, Lior Samson)
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