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Historical Burgenland Novel - Readers/Consultants Sought

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Re: Historical Burgenland Novel - Readers/Consultants Sought

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Thank you Mohnbauer. Of course, I am a novelist rather than a genealogist, and was writing fiction rather than family history. So, some (but not all) of my characters are invented. What I was trying for was plausibility and staying true to context and circumstances. From the name (and names of adjacent households in the list), I presumed that House 94 would have been in the Jewish Quarter, but I would have to tie numbers to a map (historic) to be certain. As to the other two Schneiders, from their names and neighbors, it would be a good guess they were Catholic and outside the ghetto. Perhaps you know where the houses were. There were tailors of both varieties, I am sure.
--Larry Constantine (pen name, Lior Samson)
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