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Family rootes

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Nachnamen: Rechnitzer
Any one know off the Rechnitzer Fanily of Vienna.
Grandfather Heirich
Grand mother Rosalie
Onkel Arnold
Father Max
Auntie Gertrude
Relations Koraleck
Father Born in Rete Hungaria now dead.
Grandfather in Hungaria ?
Grandmother nee name Koralek
all lived in Vienna but now deceased.
Please help
I am trying to build a family tree

Rechnitzer in Vienna

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If your Rechnitzer ancestors lived in Vienna between about 1895 and 1925, you have a promising source in form of the Vienna residency records as filmed by LDS. Send me an e-mail with more details and I'll try to give you more specific advice.

There are other sources available from LDS for Vienna like male birth records, Jewish records, and cemetery records, but it would be best to first get a handle on the addresses (and districts) where your ancestors lived.

Réte was in old Pozsony (Pressburg) county, now in the Slovak Republic. The population was mostly Magyar, but there were strong Czech and Jewish minorities which would fit with the names in your posting, respectively.

ancestry research

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Hi! If your ancestors came from or lived in Vienna, Austria I may be able to assist you with addresses to further your search.
Chanukka Same'ach! Happy Holidays! Regards!
Harry K. Pick
West Hartford, Connecticut,USA


walter richards (Beiträge anzeigen)
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Nachnamen: Rechnitzer
I am triyng to research my family tree some died and some where killed in the war.The ones that died ???
The ones that where killed in the war I know a little but I want to build a tree for my family so the know what happend . I would like some help please .I will be eternally gratefull .
John Richards

Re: Family rootes

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My father, Oscar Koralek, and two brothers, Arthur and Paul. came to New York from Vienna in 1910 with their parents, Abraham (I believe) and his wife. My fathert ides in 1948 at the age of 48. His two brother passed away in the 1990s.
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I am very interested . My Grandmothers brothers christian name I do not know .But I do know he was a Butcher in Vienna and had a doughtert called Herta or Hertha .I am sorry to be so vague . But all this happened a long time ago and when Herta came to england I never heard or saw her again.
If you are a relative of mine my Grandmother was the Koralek
on my fathers side she married yes a Rechnitzer Heinrich
please let me know if this is in fact a good omen

With kind regards

Walter Richards(Rechnitzer)
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I am a decendant of the Koralek familie my Grand mother was a Koralek .Her christen name was Rosalie she married a Heinrich Rechnitzer .I have heard some of our relations did immigrate .My familie did originate from the Burgenland ,but later moved to Hungaria.
In fact my father Max was born in Rete.
Please contact again I am very interested ,as I am the only living realive born in Vienna.

With kind regards

Walter John Richards(Rechnitzer)

Re: Rechnitzer in Vienna

Albert Raveh (Rechnitzer) (Beiträge anzeigen)
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Nachnamen: Rechnitzer
I presume that my great grandparents originated from
Rechnitz in the Burgenland, from there comes the
surname Rechnitzer. My grandfather Albert Rechnitzer
emigrated to Bihac in Bosnia at the beginning of the
20th century. His brothers who's names I do not know,
came to Vienna and lived there even after WW.1.
I'll shall be grateful for any information.
Greeeetings Albert

Re: Rechnitzer in Vienna

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When people took (or received) the last name Rechnitzer for the first time, they most likely did not live in Rechnitz anymore. They probably lived somewhere else, but perhaps retained a memory that (one of) their ancestors had been from Rechnitz.

The name Rechnitzer existed in quite a few places of old Hungary.

The name is not Jewish per se, but many Rechnitzers were Jews. The town of Rechnitz had a very strong Jewish presence, about 1,000 strong (and 20% of the total population) in the mid 19th century.

You could look through the residency records of Vienna (Meldezettel) which cover about the time from 1885 till 1925. There is a male and a female series of these residency records. Since I searched for the name Rechnitzer in Vienna about 1 1/2 years ago, I know that LDS film 1706876 definitely contains the entire male Rechnitzer sequence of residency records (spanning about the middle to 2/3rds of this film). Perhaps you will find a trace of your ancestor Albert when he visited (if he did) his kin in Vienna. In old Austria (and still in today's Austria too), there was an obligation to register with the police whether you lived in a town of visited it.

There are also residency records of Gross-Wien filmed by LDS. They contain very rich personal data and cover the time from 1930 till 1947 (including deportations of Jews). However, since you do not know the first names of Albert's relatives, you might have a hard time in assessing the relevance of individual records there.

Re: Rechnitzer in Vienna

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Hi Albert ,
In reply to your message ,Yes I do know my family came from Burgenland , for my Father was born in 1901 in Hungaria
in a Town called Rete ,so obviously the must have lived there at the time and later moved tp Vienna.
Grandfathers name was Heinrich and he had a Grocerie busines till just before Hitler marched into Vienne.Maybe this is of some assistance to you. I would be very grate full if you where to write to me again with some more information
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