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Erbe and or Erck family

Erbe and or Erck family

Beth Lange (Beiträge anzeigen)
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One of my ancestors was George Erck who was born in Oberkatz near Meiningen. He came to America in 1845. I Have info. on ny George Erck to mid 1700. I was told in Oberkatz that the names Erck, Erk, and Erb (Erbe?) were all basicly the same name.

Re: Erbe and or Erck family

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I am so happy to have found any reference to the Erck name. My mother's paternal grandmother was Cristianna Erck and married a Muelken in Illinois. They had one child, Fred, my maternal grandfather. When her husband died she married his cousin, also named Muelken and their children were Ellie, Pauline, Richard and Theodore. I think that was all Any information about the family would be most welcome. I think the family farm was located in or near Okawville, Illinois..

Re: Erbe and or Erck family

Dick Brown (Beiträge anzeigen)
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Good Day...

I have a family genealogy for the "ERCK Family 1826-1984."

The genealogy lists Johnann George ERCK b. 5 Aug d 20 Jan 1864 (Teacher amd Mayor of Solz, Landkreis Meinigen, (formerly) East Germany.

One of his sons was Johnann Heinrich b. 1826, d. 1891, m.Anna Justine BREMSTELLER 1852.

2d of nine chidren was Berta, b. 1854, d. 1940, m. 1874 to
Conrad ERBE.

The families "go all over the place." (This is a technical term for lots of kids spread over much of the mid-West... and becoming more-so). :-)

Take a look at the letter I posted on 20 Nov and let me know if we have a connection.

Dick Brown
Ft Leavenworth KS

Re: Erbe and or Erck family

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Greetings from Texas. My Johann Georg Erk (original spelling) was born Jan. 1, 1801 in Oberkatz, Meiningen, son of Johann Kaspar Erk and Barbara Elizabetn Hopf. Georg was a farmer and married Anna Barbara Fink from Helmerhausen. Other than the name and area, I see no connection here, but I believe there would be one if we could go back far enough.
I am very new to his computer stuff so this message may be posted more that once.

Re: Erbe and or Erck family

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I do have a connection with the ercks that you wrote about. I am a great... granddaughter of johann erck and have church papers from solz germany regarding their trip to america. I am very interested in what you have as well as the book that you refrenced.

thanks so much in advance,

Re: Erbe and or Erck family

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Send me an e-mail: dickb "at" lvnworth "dot" com

I will send you a GEDCOM with the info in exchange for your info.

Dick B

Re: Erbe and or Erck family

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I am looking for Erck's myself and decided to check board again. My great grandfather was Louis Erck, he was born in Columbus Ohio around 1869. He died in sheridan Wyo in 1934.please respond if there if there is any connections.

Re: Erbe and or Erck family

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I, Don Erck have the ERCK Family Tree from a George ERCK -
who came across from Bavaria de and married a May Susanna
Pratt in Westminster in Jan 1782. My Grt Grt Grt Grandfather.
Have all the Tree after. George had a family of 11 including twins - Caroline and Charles. Geo was a part of the GeorgeIII
household - a Taylor. My Grandfather Lennard came out to Aus
and married here in 26-1-1888.
Only one family of Erck in Aus Regards

Re: Erbe and or Erck family

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don,if you are still out there----

for now, sending you just general info on my erck line. info was directly taken from churh records in oberkatz,old east germany area. original spelling was "erk".

johann georg erck (1801-1869)
oberkatz, dukedom of meiningen
& anna barbara fink (1820-1901)
helmershausen, earldom of weimer

johann kaspar erck 1775-1831
& anna maria may

johann wilhelm erck 1743-1816
& elizabeth bach,nee ley

sebastin erck 1708-1763
& anna maria gopfert

Re: Erbe and or Erck family

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I have a Family Tree from a George Erck, who came across to UK
from Bavaria and married a Mary S Pratt 1782 at St James, London. He was naturalized end of 1799 in UK.
(Our Gt Gt Grt Grandpa-Then William Augustus, Josiah, Lennard)
Geo/Mary had a fam of 11 incl twins - have the rest thru to when my Grandpa Len came to Aus, with 2 bros.
Only one family of Erck in Aus. RM and EH dec'd - leaving
Alan, self Don, Marg and Bob + families
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