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Trott in Charleston, SC

Trott in Charleston, SC

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Nachnamen: Trott, Cambridge, Tamplett
I am looking for an explanation of the relationship between the Trott, Cambridge, & Tamplett families of Charleston, SC.

My ggggrandmother was known in family records & other records as Julia Cambridge (1828-1890; however, her marriage announcement was for Julia C. Trott. There was also a lawsuit brought on behalf of Julia C. Trott & other members of the Trott, Cambridge & Tamplett families. Names in these families include Tobias Cambridge, Tobias Cambridge Trott, & Tobias Peter Tamplett Cambridge. Some census lists show members of the Trott & Cambridge families living together or in close proximity. It would seem likely that there must have been a marriage between these families at some time, but I haven't been able to uncover it.

Thanks for any help someone can provide.

Re: Trott in Charleston, SC

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Tobias Cambridge Trott is my 3rd Great Grandfather.

My Great Grandmother was Mabel Olivia Trott and she did the family papers..

How are you related to the Trotts?

(I am always amazed by finding distant relatives....)

Re: Trott in Charleston, SC

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Thanks for writing about the Trotts. Maybe you can help me solve a mystery.

Before my grandparents and father died, I had always heard that my ggggrandmother was Julia Cambridge. When I started researching on, I was surprised to see that her marriage announcement referred to her as Julia C. Trott:
"In Charleston, on Sunday, November 4, 1849, by the Rev. Mr. Pritchard, H. Judge Moore, of Greenville (S. C.), to Miss Julia C. Trott, of this city."

Julia was born 27 Dec 1828 and died in Charleston 25 Jun 1890; Hilliard Judge Moore was born abt 1818 and died abt 1885. H. Judge Moore was an attorney, author and a newspaper editor, and there were several lawsuits that he filed regarding slaves, one of which noted:

"Hilliard Judge Moore, Julia C. Trott Moore, and other members of the Trott family filed their Bill in this honorable Court, whereby they claimed under the Will of one Mrs Mary Tamplett ..."

As I've done my research, the names Trott, Cambridge, and Tamplett keep popping up, but I haven't been able to figure out exactly how they relate to Julia. I also haven't found Julia's parents, birth (some census records say that she was born in Bermuda, but her death certificate says she was born in Charleston), or her grave (although her death certificate says that she was buried in Bethel Churchyard); when she died, she was living at #1 Pitt Street in Charleston. Also, although H. Judge Moore appears to be a rather high profile person (attorney, author, editor, Charleston City Alderman), I haven't found anything on his death or burial, or his parents.

If you have any insight into this, it will be appreciated!

--Ken Fields

Re: Trott in Charleston, SC

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Dear Ken

I know little about the SC Trott families after the Trott Governor, but I am very interested to learn that there may be Bermuda connections to your line.

The Trott One Name Research Group (I am Chairman) based in the UK, have been researching the Bermuda and Antigua families for many years. Irrespective of whether you are rioght in this connection, almost invariably the line began in the UK - or possibly Germany.

You can find a short resume of our work on our web site at

There are a number of Bermuda researchers both within TONRG and on various web pages, although none of the other surnames you mention ring any bells with me


Bob Trott

Re: Trott in Charleston, SC

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I've wondered if Julia Cambridge Trott's father might be John West Trott. John West shows up in some lawsuits about the sales of slave along with Julia. Also, I believe John West Trott married Emily Cambridge, which would explain Julia's name of Julia Cambridge Trott.
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