Today, Ancestry® launches “Questions and Ancestors™: Black Family History,” an ongoing video content series hosted by Nicka Sewell-Smith, an expert in Black genealogy. Throughout the series, Nicka will help everyday individuals and leaders within the Black community explore their own roots, uncovering the untold stories of their ancestors. 

Now available on the @Ancestry IGTV, the first episode features television host and award-winning journalist Elaine Welteroth. Watch the full episode here.

Nicka walks Elaine through stories of her ancestors and her reactions are inspiring. Elaine comes from a remarkable line of resilient people who worked hard and overcame hardships, and it’s clear from the research they wanted their voice to be heard; they wanted to pave the way for future generations. She now knows the names of her ancestors that she often speaks about as her inspiration. What she found is such a beautiful example of the magic of finding meaningful connections to our past, and how it can inspire our future so we can continue to pave the way for future generations. 

“As a journalist, a writer, and a descendant of enslaved people in this country, I recognize the responsibility I have to tell our stories. Through Ancestry, I had the opportunity to discover more about my own family’s story. I discovered that I come from a long line of trailblazers who were creative, civic-minded, resilient, and enterprising—against all odds,” says Elaine Welteroth on discovering more about her family. 

Check back for future episodes that will become available throughout the year by visiting the @Ancestry Instagram channel here.


More About “Questions and Ancestors™: Black Family History”
This ongoing video series will reflect on the lasting contributions of Black men and women in society, and examine pivotal moments of the Black experience through the lens of our family’s past. Black history is American History, and should be remembered and explored 365 days a year. Ancestry is continuing to expand its resources for the Black community by adding new searchable and digitized collections so every story can be told.

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