LitvakSIG.org, comp. Litauen: Steuer- und Wählerlisten, 1839 bis 1949, verschiedene Jahrgänge [Datenbank online]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2008.
Ursprüngliche Daten: Source information provided with each record. This data is provided by LitvakSIG, an independent organization, in partnership with JewishGen.org.

 Litauen: Steuer- und Wählerlisten, 1839 bis 1949, verschiedene Jahrgänge

Diese Datenbank enthält Informationen über Juden in den litauischen Steuer- und Wählerlisten Darin sind unter anderem folgende Informationen verfügbar: Name, Name des Vaters, Alter, Datum, Wohnort und Quellinformationen.

This database contains information from tax and voter records from Lithuania.

Tax list records can vary as to the types of information they give. While the tax lists provide less information than revision or family lists, they are important and sometimes very useful. They list the family name, first name and father's names of all heads of households in the community. Sometimes the wife's name, the number of family members, occupation, and financial status or class is also included. For example, the 1846 records give the wives' names. The 1877 insolvency records recite ages and, for those who passed away, the ages at time of death. The 1892 lists name professions and tell the number of males in the house. The Tax and Voters Lists database also contains additional types of records similar to tax or voters lists which were acquired by District Research Groups of www.LitvakSIG.org. To find out more about how to gain access to records for your towns in Lithuania, and to join research groups, go to www.LitvakSIG.org.

Search results of Lithuania: Tax and Voters Lists on Ancestry.com are provided in alphabetical order by first name. To see search results from this database organized by family group, you can search the LitvakSIG All Lithuania Database at www.LitvakSIG.org.

The tax records were compiled from real estate records, lists of apartment dwellers, farmers and estate holders, charitable donations and lists of financial assistance to the poor, as well as inheritance and other court records. The records covered various kinds of taxes in the community, including state and local taxes. Some of these taxes are: box tax, candle tax, real estate & property tax, merchants list, and petitions for Mikva (ritual bath) maintenance.

The voters lists are compiled from:

  • Electors lists
  • State Duma electors list
  • List of electors of representatives to local municipalities
  • Rabbi's electors list
  • Residents list

Information listed in this database includes:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Father's name
  • Date of record
  • Place of residence
  • Record type
  • Source information (including an archive number, record number, and page number)

16 Dec 2020: Additional records created though database improvements.