Terry Lasky, et. al., comp. Rumänien: Jüdische Volkszählung, 1942 [Datenbank online]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2008.
Ursprüngliche Daten: Tabele Barbatilor. Bucharest, Romania: Archive and Library of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania. Fond #: III 400 E/1942. This data is provided in partnership with JewishGen.org.

 Rumänien: Jüdische Volkszählung, 1942

Die ursprünglichen Listen der Tabele Barbatilor ("Zählung der Männer") wurden 1942 während des Antonescu-Regime in Rumänien kompiliert.   Es gibt drei separate Listen. In dieser Datenbank werden unter anderem folgende Informationen bereitgestellt: Name, Geburtsort, Geburtsdatum, Namen der Eltern, Ausbildungsstufe, Beruf und Wohnort.

The original Tabele Barbatilor ("Census of Men") lists were compiled during the Antonescu regime in Romania, in 1942. There are three separate lists:

  • T1: The purpose of the first list was to establish a listing of Jewish males resident in all counties and towns of Romania in that year, and born between the years of 1881-1892 (over 50 years old). These men were not to be compelled to forced labor camps, because of their age.

  • T2: The second list included Jewish males born between 1893-1921 (ages 21-50) and that were living in Bucuresti. These men were assigned to labor details, usually working in the businesses of non-Jews.

  • T3: The third list included Jewish males age 15 and 16 (born June 1, 1926 - May 31, 1928) that were living in Bucuresti. Many were still in school, but some already had professions. They also were not placed in labor details.

About the Database:

The following are the fields in this database, and represent the entire list of data:
  • Name - Family name and first name (Surname, Given Name)

  • Birth Place, County - The town of birth, followed by the county of birth, when given. If the person was born outside of Romania, the county is often the country of birth.

  • Birth Date - Date or year of birth

  • Father / Mother - Father's given name, Mother's given name

  • Education - Level of education

  • Profession - Occupation or trade, translated from Romanian

  • Residence / Address - Place or address of residence - The first (upper) cell represents a residence usually outside of Bucaresti; The second (lower) cell represents an address in Bucuresti.

  • Assigned Labor - Labor detail to which the person was assigned

  • Census # - Census number assigned to the person

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