JewishGen.org Volunteers, comp. Ukraine: Friedhofsregister, Lviv, 1941-1942 [Datenbank online]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2008.
Ursprüngliche Daten: Lviv Cemetery Records, 1941-1942 (Yad Vasehm Archives M.52 371); Documentation from regional archives in the Ukraine, Record Group M52; Yad Vashem Archives, Jerusalem, Israel. This data is provided in partnership with JewishGen.org.

 Ukraine: Friedhofsregister, Lviv, 1941-1942

Diese Datenbank ist eine Liste der in den Jahren 1941-1942 im Friedhof der jüdischen Gemeinde Lviv begrabenen Personen. Während dieses Zeitraums wurden Tausende von Juden in diesem Gebiet aus verschiedenen Gründen umgebracht. Die Datenbank enthält unter anderem folgende Informationen: Name des Verstorbenen, Alter zur Zeit des Todes, Sterbedatum, Bestattungsdatum, letzter bekannter Wohnort und Grabstätteninfo.

Lviv (Lvov) is a city in the historical region of Eastern Galicia, or in present-day Ukraine. From 1772 to 1918 it was under Austrian rule, and in the interwar period it was a provincial capital in independent Poland. In 1939 it had a Jewish population of 110,000 - the third largest Jewish community in the country at the time.

About this Database:

This database is a list of those buried in the graveyard of the Jewish community of Lviv during the years 1941-1942. During this period thousands of Jews were killed in the area for various reasons. Some of these include:

  • Accusations of taking part in the execution of Ukrainian political prisoners whose bodies were discovered by the NKVD (Soviet political police)

  • Forced labor

  • Elderly and sick killed during moving to a ghetto

  • Extermination camps

  • Lacked ownership of employment cards or certificates

  • Hangings

  • Classified as "illegals"

  • Not classified as "vitally important"

The lists used to compile this database come from 3 separate files: two files dated 1941 and 1942, in Roman characters; and a third file, dated 1941, in Cyrillic. There are a total of 9,174 records in the three files: 1,364 in the Cyrillic; 1,756 and 6,054 in the two files in Roman characters.

The Cyrillic file has the following fields:

  • Number

  • Surname

  • Given Name

  • Age at death

  • Date of Death

  • Street Address

  • Burial Date

  • An unidentified field

  • Plot number

  • Plot cost

The fields in the files written in Roman characters are:

  • Page number

  • Serial Number

  • Surname

  • Given name

  • Honorary title

  • Age at death

  • Date of death

  • Last known address (transcribed)

  • Last known address (from web site for Ulice Lwowa): http://ulicelwowa.webpark.pl/ul_lwowa.htm

  • Date of burial

  • Plot location/sector and tomb

  • Price

This list comes from Yad Vashem archive file M.52 371, but was originally obtained from the Government Archive of the L'vov Oblast (Gosudarstvenny Arkhiv Lvovskoy Oblasti), Lvov, Ukraine.