Ancestry.com. Lublin, Polen, erste Registrierungen von Juden, 1939-1940 [Datenbank online]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2013.
Ursprüngliche Daten: This data is provided in partnership with Jewish Gen.org

 Lublin, Polen, erste Registrierungen von Juden, 1939-1940

Nachdem die Deutschen die Stadt Lublin im September 1939 besetzten, mussten alle Männer, Juden und Nicht-Juden, im Alter von 14-60 Jahren sich zur Registrierung melden.

After the Germans occupied the city of Lublin in September 1939 all Lublin men, Jews and non-Jews, between the ages of 14 and 60 had to report for registration. A second registration took place in January 1940. This database contains a registration book from what appears to be the first registration for surnames beginning with the letters M through Z.

You can learn more about this database at the Jewish Gen website.