Ancestry.com. Polen, Zwangsarbeiter in Borislau und Drohobytsch, 1939-1944 [Datenbank online]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2013.
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 Polen, Zwangsarbeiter in Borislau und Drohobytsch, 1939-1944

Borislau und Drohobitsch waren wichtige Öl produzierende Gebiete in Polen. Als diese Gebiete während des 2. Weltkriegs besetzt wurden, wurden Zwangsarbeiter eingesetzt, um die Erdölindustrie in Betrieb zu halten. Diese Datenbank besteht aus 62 Listen von Zwangsarbeitern.

Boryslaw and Drohobycz were important oil-producing areas in Poland. When they were occupied during World War II, forced labor was used to keep the petroleum industry operating. This database is made up of 62 sublists of forced laborers. Lists were made at various times and for various reasons, so names may appear more than once.

Entries may include the following details:

  • name
  • title
  • date of birth
  • trained profession
  • assigned profession
  • alternate assigned profession
  • prisoner number
  • nationality
  • where transferred from
  • comments

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