Ancestry.com. Ahlem, Deutschland, Todesfälle von Gefangenen, 1944-1945 [Datenbank online]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2015.
Ursprüngliche Daten: This data is provided in partnership with JewishGen.org

 Ahlem, Deutschland, Todesfälle von Gefangenen, 1944-1945

Diese Sammlung enthält Informationen über ungefährt 250 jüdische Gefangene, die in einem Lager in Ahlem/Hannover in Deutschland umkamen.

This collection contains the information from about 250 Jews, mostly Polish, who were sent to work in a rubber factory. They were originally in Auschwitz before they were transferred to the subcamp of concentration camp Neuengamme, which is located in Ahlem/Hannover, and later perished there. These records contain names, date and place of birth, occupation, and the date and place of death. The story can be found in a book called Wir wollten Gefühle sichtbar werden lassen by Janet Anschütz and Irmtraud Heike, Edition Temmen, 2004.

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