Norfolk, England, Transkripte des Bischofs und Erzdiakons von Kirchgemeinderegistern, 1600-1935 [Datenbank online]. Lehi, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2018.
Ursprüngliche Daten: Church of England Bishop and Archdeacon Transcripts of Parish Registers. Norfolk Record Office, Norwich, Norfolk, England.

 Norfolk, England, Transkripte des Bischofs und Erzdiakons von Kirchgemeinderegistern, 1600-1935

Diese Sammlung enthält Bilder von Transkripten, die von Bischöfen und Erzdiakonen erstellt wurden, und Tauf-, Heirats- und Bestattungsaufzeichnungen für die Jahre 1600-1935 für den Landkreis Norfolk in England enthalten.

This collection contains images of transcripts created by Bishops and Archdeacons of baptism, marriage, and burial records for the years 1600–1935 from the county of Norfolk, England. Also included are Weekly Register Bills from Great Yarmouth.

Please note that later this year, we will be adding Archdeacons' Transcripts for parishes beginning O-Z. Please ensure you check the Norfolk Parish Register collections to see if there are registers for the parishes in which you are interested.

A 1538 Act of Parliament required ministers in the Church of England to record baptisms, marriages, and burials in parish registers. In addition to keeping parish registers, lists of baptisms, marriages, and burials were required to be sent to the bishop of the diocese and this collection comprises contemporary transcripts of the original records. These copies of the parish registers, called bishop’s transcripts, can sometimes fill in gaps where parish registers are missing, however, they may vary slightly from the parish registers. This may be because an error was made as the information was copied, or a correction or additional details may have been inserted as the copy was being recorded for the bishop. For these reasons, if both copies are available, it’s wise to check both of them.

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About Baptisms:

Children were usually baptized within a few days or weeks of birth. The records generally include when baptized and in what parish, child’s Christian name, parents’ given names and the family surname, residence, father’s occupation, and who performed the ceremony. Sometimes you’ll find additional details such as date of birth. Early records may contain less detail.

About Marriages:

Couples were usually married in the bride’s parish. Marriage records typically include the bride and groom’s names, residence, date and location of the marriage, names of witnesses, condition (bachelor, spinster, widow, or widower), and the name of the officiant. Some records may also include the father’s name and occupation. Early records may contain less detail.

About Burials:

Burials took place within a few days of death. Records generally list the name of the deceased, residence, burial date, and age at death. Early records may contain less detail.