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Ancestry.com. Shoshannah Gallowski Fine papers, 1945-1948 (USHMM) [Datenbank online]. Lehi, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2023.
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Shoshannah Gallowski Fine papers. Series 1995.A.0112. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington D.C.

 Shoshannah Gallowski Fine papers, 1945-1948 (USHMM)

Diese Datenbank enthält Namen der Registrierungsregister der AEFDP (Allied Expeditionary Forces Displaced Persons; Vertriebene Personen) und Listen verwaister jüdischer Kinder und vertriebener Personen in Kloster Indersdorf (Kibbutz Dror) und in Großbritannien nach dem Holocaust.

About this collection

This database contains names from Allied Expeditionary Forces Displaced Persons (A.E.F D.P.) registration records and lists of orphaned Jewish children and displaced persons at Kloster Indersdorf (Kibbutz Dror) and in Great Britain after the Holocaust.

Historical Background

Shoshannah Gallowski Fine was a welfare officer with the Jewish relief unit of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committiee who worked with the Jewish orphans liberated from Theresienstadt from 1945 to 1947. She worked with unaccompanied children from 1947 to1948 at Kloster Indersdorf (Kibbuz Dror) near Dachau, Germany.

The Theresienstadt "camp-ghetto" existed for three and a half years, between November 24, 1941 and May 9, 1945. For additional information on Theresienstadt, click here.

Indersdorf was a displaced children's home in the Bayern town of Kloster Indersdorf. Located between Dachau and Augsburg, Indersdorf was part of the Munich district of the US zone of occupation. The initial Jewish community in Indersdorf was made up of children who had hidden as non-Jews during the Holocaust. For additional information on Kloster Indersdorf, click here.