Ancestry.com. USA, Listen ankommender und abreisender Passagiere und Mannschaften in atlantischen Häfen, 1820-1959 [Datenbank online]. Lehi, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc., 2010.
Ursprüngliche Daten: Records from Record Group 287, Publications of the U.S. Government; Record Group 85, Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service [INS] and Record Group 36, Records of the United States Customs Service. The National Archives at Washington, D.C.
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 USA, Listen ankommender und abreisender Passagiere und Mannschaften in atlantischen Häfen, 1820-1959

Diese Datenbank ist ein Index zur Passagierliste von Schiffen, die von ausländischen Häfen in verschiedenen amerikanischen Häfen am Atlantik ankamen. Zu den in diesem Index enthaltenen Informationen zählen Vorname, Nachname, Alter, Geschlecht, ethnische Herkunft, letzter Wohnort, Ankunftsdatum, Ankunftshafen, Abfahrtshafen, Name des Schiffs sowie Mikrofilmrollen- und Seitennummer. Falls der Name eines Freundes oder Verwandten, mit dem die Person sich treffen wollte, oder ein Geburtsort angegeben wurde, sind diese Informationen auch im Index eingeschlossen.

This database is an index to passenger lists of ships from foreign ports that arrived at various Atlantic ports in the United States (see below for a specific list of ports and the year range this database covers for each). In addition, the names found in the index are linked to actual images of the passenger lists or transcripts of passenger lists, copied from National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) microfilm (see Source Information above for microfilm series and roll information).

This database may also contain a few records of immigrants who entered the U.S. via other ports or border crossings and were later asked to fill out immigrant arrival information on passenger lists. Therefore, you may find individuals in this database whose port of arrival is not one of those listed below. You may also occasionally find passenger lists from smaller ports whose records have been grouped with those from ports in this collection.

Information contained in the index generally includes:

  • given name
  • surname
  • age
  • gender
  • ethnicity
  • last residence
  • arrival date
  • port of arrival
  • port of departure
  • ship name
  • microfilm roll and page number

If a name of a friend or relative whom the individual was going to join with or a place of nativity was provided, that information is included in the index as well. Many of these items may be used to search the index in the search template above. Additional information may be available on the actual passenger list and can be obtained by viewing the corresponding image.

Many passenger list forms, especially those from the twentieth century, were two pages long. Be sure to click the "Previous" and "Next" buttons in order to see all the images pertaining to a particular manifest.

It is important to note that the port of departure listed on these passenger lists is not always the original port of departure for these individuals. A ship could make several voyages throughout the year, making several stops along way. Ofttimes the port of departure found on these lists is the most recent port the ship was located at prior to arriving in America. Therefore, if your ancestors emigrated to the U.S. from Germany, it’s possible that they could be found on a passenger list coming from Liverpool, England. They may have followed a local European shipping route to Liverpool and then boarded a vessel from one of the major shipping lines to America there.

The microcopies of the passenger lists found at NARA are arranged chronologically by the arrival date of the vessel. If you do not want to search this database using the search template, the images may be browsed as follows: first select the "Port" you would like to browse, followed by the "Year," then "Month," and finally the "Ship Name."

To learn about researching in passenger records consult John P. Colletta's They Came In Ships (Salt Lake City: Ancestry, 1993).

Ports and Years Covered

Port(s) CityPort StateYear Range
Bridgeport, New Haven, and New LondonConnecticut1820–1873, 1929–1959
New HavenConnecticut1820, 1822–31
New LondonConnecticut1820, 1823–27, 1829, 1831, 1918–1954
Key WestFlorida1837–1868
St. AugustineFlorida1821–1870
St. JohnsFlorida1865
SavannahGeorgia1820–1866, 1906–1945
New OrleansLouisiana1820–1827
Frenchman's BayMaine1821–1827
Portland and FalmouthMaine1820–1868
BaltimoreMaryland1820, 1822–26, 1829
Havre de GraceMaryland1820
Boston & CharlestownMassachusetts1820–1827
Fall RiverMassachusetts1837–1865
GloucesterMassachusetts1820–1870, 1906–1942
New BedfordMassachusetts1822, 1825–1852, 1902–1942
Salem & BeverlyMassachusetts1823
PortsmouthNew Hampshire1820–1861
BridgetonNew Jersey1828
Cape MayNew Jersey1828
Little Egg HarborNew Jersey1831
NewarkNew Jersey1836
Perth AmboyNew Jersey1820–1832
New YorkNew York1820–27
OswegatchieNew York1821–1823
RochesterNew York1866
Sag HarborNew York1829–1834
BeaufortNorth Carolina1865
EdentonNorth Carolina1820
Morehead CityNorth Carolina1908–1958
New BernNorth Carolina1820–1865
PlymouthNorth Carolina1820–1840
WashingtonNorth Carolina1820–1848
WilmingtonNorth Carolina1908–1958
PhiladelphiaPennsylvania1820–1822, 1824–1827, 1829
Bristol and WarrenRhode Island1820–1871
DavisvilleRhode Island1918–1954
MelvilleRhode Island1918–1954
NewportRhode Island1820–1857
ProvidenceRhode Island1820–1867, 1911–1943
Quonset PointRhode Island1918–1954
TivertonRhode Island1918–1954
CharlestonSouth Carolina1820–1829, 1919–1948
Port RoyalSouth Carolina1865
Various portsSouth Carolina1822–23, 1828
East RiverVirginia1830
Norfolk and PortsmouthVirginia1819–1857
GeorgetownWashington, D.C.1820–1821