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HELP. German marriage/family information. Family name: Rockhaus

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Re: HELP. German marriage/family information. Family name: Rockhaus

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Hi Philipp,

I can attached information on here so I thought this would be the best way to go so that anyone else who is researching this particular family in future has this information online.

Attachments are as follows:

1) Birth Record: Deutschland, Geburten und Taufen 1558-1898. This was accessed via
As you will see there is no father named. His mother 'Auguste Marie Rockhaus' eventually begins a relationship with a 'Friedrich Carl Pohle' - this is searchable via if you are interested.

2) Marriage Record: This shows Georg's section of his New Zealand Marriage record.

3) Names - Father and Mother: This is a close up section of the marriage record. As you will see Georg has advised his fathers name is: 'Carl Rockhaus'. His mothers name is misspelt, similar to that of his last name. New Zealand is a very young country with settlers only coming in around the 1850s. I would suggest that the spelling mistakes are due to mis-communication.

4) Widower: This is the particular area I am interested in but have not been able to find answers in Germany. Listed on his New Zealand marriage certificate is that Georg is a widower, and that his first wife passed in 1902.

5) New Zealand Naturalisation record: This confirms the correct spelling of Georg's last name "Rockhaus" vs "Rockhouse" as stated on the marriage license.

6) Shipping: An example of Georg's shipping records in case this helps. Georg's existing shipping records are from 1899 to 1902. Georg immigrated to New Zealand in 1902.

My first goal at this stage is to find his first wife's name.

Any assistance is appreciated - ie what authority I can contact to move forward in my research.
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