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My ggggrandparents, Nikolaus Kirsch and Magdalena Nickes lived in Haller, Lux. around the 1760's. A son, Nikolaus, born 1763 moved to Schankweiler, Ger..
Would there be any connection to the Kirsch information you have from the Echternach area?

posted July 1999
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Nachnamen: Waldbillig, Flies, Schmitt, Kirsch
These families lived in and around Echternach, Riessdorf, Stiensel, (from about 1750 - 1999) Some of the WALDBILLIGs
and FLIESs came to America and the rest stayed home. Any information would be great. Thanking you in advance.

posted March 1999
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I have a Waldbillig married to Nicholas John Gengler with a daughter, my g-g-grandmother, Maria Gengler 1842-1911. If there is a connection I would love to hear from you.
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Marie Kirsch and Francois Schmitt had a child Anne Marie Schmidt born Dec 1776 and married into my Waldbillig family. At this time that is all I have on the Kirsch line.
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I have three Kirsh families in my database, but not a lot of information on them. These are all marriages of a Kirsch to a relative of mine so any decendants would be my relatives.

Anna Marie Kirsh and Michel Gengler married Redange, Luxembourg on 1 Sep 1851.

Joseph Kirsh and Emma Rausch married St. Nicholas, Minnesota 20 May 1908

Jean Kirsch and Leonie Raths married Mersch, Luxembourg 29 Dec 1929.

Flies families

Bob Grenier (Beiträge anzeigen)
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Nachnamen: Flies, Arent, Karp, Ganikener, Ottinger, Uberhausen
1) I am researching the FLIES family. My great grandmother was born in Heffingen in 1863. I have traced her ancestors to Joannies Flies, b. abt 1721, in Livingen.

2) I have another Flies line beginning with Bernard Flies father of Margarite b. 1773 in Elvingen and Nicolas b. 1777 in Kreuzweiler.

3) In Dalheim I find children of Joes Bernardi Flies and Marg. Arent. All were born in Filsdorf. The parents were married in Weiler-la-Tour on April 26, 1736. Joes Bernardi Flies was the son of Joannis Flies of Filsdorf.

4) In Steinsel, I find Franciscus Flies of Filsdorf married to Magdelena Karp of Heistorff on November 18, 1721

5) In Haute-Kontz, I have a marriage record for Theodorus Flies (son of Cornelie Flies and Marg. Ganikener) and Elizabetha Ottinger (daughter of Mathia Ottinger and Jonuthar Uberhausen) dated January 14, 1751.

I am trying to connect families 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. I would appreciate any assistance.

In addition to the standard references such as Gonner, I also possess a recent book by Professor Joseph Flies, "Ein Deutungsversuch userer Gottes-, Fluß-, Orts-, Flur-, und Familiennamen."

If you are interested in the details of the materials I have collected or if you have further information, please contact me.

Bob Grenier -- Moline, Illinois, USA

Bernard Flies Family

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Bob, in response to your query about how all these Flies families are connected...I am just getting started with my family ancestry project. My mom was a Flies, descendant of Bernard's line. I have most of her history from Bernard down to her. She is the only one left from her fathers family so am trying to get it all written down before it's too late. I would be interested in any connections you find for the Flies Families. Thank you. Patty in Minnesota

Flies surname

Nancy Economou (Beiträge anzeigen)
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Nachnamen: Flies, Heck
My mother's twin sister, Arvilla Heck, married Pierre Flies, b. 4 oct 1898, d. apr 1973, Chicago,IL. He was from Belgium. Looking to connect with my first cousins Jeannette and Risette Flies. Thanks.


Holly Guidry (Beiträge anzeigen)
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do you have any of the parents names for the three kirsch's relatd to you by marraige as i have a anna marie kirsch that was the daughter of John Baptist Kirsch and Anna Marie Schons of Benton County, Indiana. John immigrated here from Luxembourg leudliner or mersch as his father , Nicholas was born at mersch, LUX 1819 to John Kirsch and Marguerite Schoff Kirsch there and he married Maria unknown possibly dymer in 1843 at Mersch, Luxembourg
so you have any more info other than the dates on the marraiges ?


Carrie Kirsch (Beiträge anzeigen)
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My Nicholas Kirsch married Maria Dymer on Aug 1, 1772 in Schankweiler, GER. Sorry, dates do not match your Kirsch.
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